Felt wallet
Genuine leather waist pack
Nylon briefcase
Velour clutch bag
PU Backpack
PU clutch bag
Poly Handbag
Nylon Handbag
Canvas briefcase
Poly duffle bag
Oxford tote bag
Customized duffle bag
mobile phone shell
Canvas wallet
PU wallet
Shoulder bag
Genuine leather camera bag
Canvas shoulder bag
Nylon shoulder bag
PU cosmetic bag
Oxford backpack
 Customized wallet
Poly Backpack
Poly tote bag
PU duffle bag
Customized tote bag
mommy bag
Canvas cosmetic bag
Customized Backpack
lunch bag
Genuine leather cosmetic bag
duffle bag
special bag
PU Handbag
Camera bag
Poly waist pack
Customized waist pack
PVC cosmetic bag
storage bag
gift bag
Genuine leather messenger bag
 Nylon wallet
Canvas waist pack
PU briefcase
Nylon Backpack
Nylon messenger bag
PVC shoulder bag
Linen should bag
Key & Card wallet
Clutch bag
Tote bag
Genuine leather clutch bag
Canvas Handbag
Canvas duffle bag
Nylon clutch bag
messenger bag
Other languages
Canvas messenger bag
Nylon duffle bag
Poly clutch bag
Customized messenger bag
Straw-woven backpack
Nylon tote bag
pencil cases & bags
Customized clutch bag
Genuine leather Backpack
Nylon waist pack
Poly briefcase
Oxford duffle bag
Children's backpack
 Poly wallet
Canvas tote bag
PVC handbag
PU shoulder bag
Canvas Backpack
Oxford waist pack
Poly shoulder bag
PVC duffle bag
Genuine leather briefcase
PU waist pack
Waist pack
PU messenger bag
Linen Hangbag
Customized Handbag
Genuine leather wallet
Military Backpack
pet bag
PVC backpack
cup bag
Genuine leather tote bag
Oxford handbag
Cosmetic Bags & Cases
Poly messenger bag
Functional waist pack
Poly cosmetic bag
Genuine leather shoulder bag
Canvas clutch bag
Nylon cosmetic bag
Genuine leather duffle bag
PU tote bag
Customized briefcase
Felt briefcase
Customized shoulder bag
Oxford cosmetic bag
Straw-woven shoulder bag
Genuine leather Handbag
OEM&ODM SERVICE PRODUCTS Backpack Briefcase Handbag Tote Messenger Bags Shoulder bag Mini Bag Evening Clutch Bags Cosmetic Bags Duffle Purse Tactical Gear CASE VIDEO
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OEM services of diverse textile products

We can customize some special-purpose or even unusual textile products according to your design drafts.

We can customize your ideal bags into backpacks, briefcase, or waist bags according to your designs. The size, style, material, color, and logo can be all customized. The new products will be tested to check their functions and what needs to be improved.

Companies' logos or other brand information can be added to customizedbags.

Since 2002, wehave been a fixed supplier of textile products for Donges.

Dönges GmbH & Co. KG

Donges GmbH & Co. KG is a large distributor of German military and safety fire protection products, supplying 80% of the military and safety firefighting products (covering over 100, 000 products) to the German government.

Contact bag factory, and you will see is just the right fit partner to boost your bag bussiness!

Horizn Studios GmbH is a well-known German luggage brand.

Horizn Studios GmbH

Horizn has a complete and professional testing system for each product, from development to shipment stages. Not a single inferior product will be allowed to market. There are many times when some new products are rejected to produce, mainly due to the fact that the new products fall short.

It is Horizn's demand for excellence and quality that make's monitoring system more powerful and complete.

Kapten&Son GmbH is a well-known fashion brand selling consumer goods in Germany.

Kapten & Son GmbH

There are large demands for Kapten's products in the market. Kapten has complete sales channels reaching various regions in the world. Kapten has conquered a large group of young consumers relying on its high-quality products and low prices.

bag factory has been widely favored by its customers and partners from both insdei and outside in whoelsale bag business. More info, contact us now!


Easy talk,easy trade!



2020 most popular bag manufacturer,Guangzhou supplies global customers with trendy backpack, men busines briefcase, lady tote and handbag, messenger bag, shoulder bag, chic mini bag,evening bag,beauty bag at competitive factory price.

focuses on the production of various leather goods like bags and extends to the production of other special textiles. It is a fixed supplier of bags and other textile goods for the German army, police, and firefighting organizations.

bag factory also offers one-stop professional custom service to meet more and more customers' demands and improve customers' experience in wholesale bags at factory.

Taking the lead in fashion bag is the spirit! bag is featured with its fashion design, delicate workmanship, impressively great durabiltycoming from its professional team rich in experience. Stay with bag, stay awesome, check bags on the below and get details now.

Crossbody bag


As a professional bag factory, founded in 2000, bags Co., Ltd in Guangzhou is a bag manufacturer with 20 years of industry experience. We have been specializing in the production of all kinds of luggage, handbags and other leather goods to serve for global customers.

Owning more than 2, 000 square meters of workshops, complete imported manufacturing facilities and over 100 skilled workers, the company is qualified to provide efficient, direct, and professional services to clients. is dedicated to bring best bag for customers from both inside and outside.

In 2017, the company was upgraded from a factory to a limited company, being a bag company that integratesindustry and trade.

The professional handbag development team can solve technical problems for your new design and make your every idea come true.
Flexible production lines are ready to produce goods for you anytime, shortening the delivery period.


We are very pleased that we have an efficient work team, from development to shipment, professional communication makes us easier to understand the requirements of customers, professional knowledge allows us

to give out better solutions, and diligent able us to solve customer problems quickly and effectively. Each member in bag factory has his or her own role to play, and all brings himself or herself to the full play in leatherbag manufacturingindustry.

Looking for best bag manufacturer for wholesale bag business? Buckle up and lets dive in!

New Challenges from Horizn Studios?----A piece of cake
Dönges manager visits the production of tactical gear

From pre-conception to finished product inspection, we are striving to be the best. Every stitching has condensed our thinking about function and the intention of aesthetics.


A factory focus on luggage production For 20 years with love and professional.

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